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Exam rules and procedures

Students are expected to be informed about the following regulations:

Keep in mind the following when sitting an exam

  1. You are expected to register for an exam.The automatic email you are sent after having registered for a course is not proof of registration
  2. Always check whether you’ve registered for an exam in Osiris.
  3. If a student wants to take part in a digital exam, they should be in possession of a faculty login.
  4. Students who take part in a digital exam are not allowed to use any computer programmes other than the exam programme. If they do use another programme, it will be considered fraud.
  5. We advise you to be present 15 minutes before the start of the exam so your exam registration can be checked and the exam can start on time.
  6. Bring your student card or a valid proof of identity to the exam.
  7. You may bring food and drinks (in the form of a snack) to the exam. Bring your food and snacks to your table before the exam commences.
  8. You are allowed to visit the toilet during an exam.
  9. You may not leave the room during the first and last 30 minutes of the exam.
  10. Should you have any comments or complaints about the exam procedures, contact studentinfo@science.ru.nl