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Registering and de-registering for courses and exams

In order to organise all courses in the Faculty of Science as efficiently as possible, the Education Centre needs to know which courses the students in our faculty, including you, are going to follow at an early stage. You can register for your courses for each semester/quarter during the Course Enrolment Periods.

Please find below when the Course Enrolment Periods take place. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to register online before the deadline, you are kindly requested to come to the Student Service Desk. We will see whether it is still possible to enrol you for the course of your choice. This, however, cannot be guaranteed.

Quarter Course enrolment period
1 15 Jul ‘18 to 7 Sep ‘18
2 15 Jul ‘18 to 8 Oct ‘18
3 1 Dec ’18 to 31 Dec ‘18
4 1 Dec ’18 to 11 Mar ‘19

Please note that it is already possible to register for the 2nd quarter courses in July 2018 and for the 4th quarter courses in December 2018.

Registering and de-registering for exams

For each of the courses that are offered, there are usually two exam opportunities during the academic year.

The student has to be registered for the exam in Osiris. This can be done up to 5 working days before the exam. If a student does not register on time, they are not allowed to take part in the exam. For an oral exam, the student has to register the same way as any other exam. The student has to contact their examiner to make an appointment.

Registering for a course means that you are automatically registered for each first exam opportunity! Please note: If you register for a course and you have not received your proof of enrolment yet, make sure to register for the exam since you will not be automatically registered. For re-sits you should register in Osiris!

For lab courses and courses which do not have a written or oral exam, for example courses which have an essay as final exam, you also have to register. Otherwise, your grade cannot be registered in the system.

Students should deregister for an exam if they decide to not take part in the exam. This helps the university to organize exams efficiently. Please deregister as soon as you decide not to take an exam. This can be done as follows:

  • up until the day before the exam through Osiris
  • or, after that, via the lecturer, up until the start of the exam.

In order to take part in the exam, the student is obligated to bring their student ID card or valid proof of identification to the exam. In addition, a student who has not registered is not allowed to take part in the exam. This is checked strictly.