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Request approval for programme

The Examination Board has to give an approval for the courses you wish to follow in your programme. These need to be in accordance with the Education and Exam Regulations (EER) and has to be requested at least six months before the exam date. Individual changes in the programme need to be approved by the Examination Board prior to the request for graduation (in connection with e.g. adjudication)

This is done using a form which you may find below. The form can be sent to the Examination Board at fnwi.examcies@science.ru.nl. Please do not forget to state the following in your email: your name, student number, study programme and the phase of your study programme. Please also make sure that your chosen set of courses contains correct course codes and course names, in as far as you have to provide them yourself. You can find these in the study prospectus. If your programme is incomplete, your request will not be considered. The Examination Board will look at your study results, if that information is needed to come to a decision.

Programme approval forms for:
First Year's Programme (only mandatory for Mathematics)
Bachelor's Programme
Master's Programme