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The second year (B2)

The second year (B2) Code EC 1 2 3 4
Culture through Philosophy LET-ACWCC100-ACS 5 X
Gender and the Arts LET-ACWB200 5 X
Intertextuality and Intermediality LET-ACWB207-ACS 5 X
Planetary Cultural Politics LET-ETCAMB209 5 X
Research Seminar 1: Identity and Cultural Diversity LET-ETCAMB301 5 X X
American Popular Culture LET-ETCAMB204 5 X X
Music Culture LET-ACWB204 5 X
Organizing the creative industries * LET-ACWB704 5 X X
Television: industry and aesthetics * LET-ACWB703 5 X
Perspectives on Photography LET-KGB704 5 X X
Vulgar Culture LET-ACWB203 5 X
Working through Fashion * LET-ACWB705 5 X
Total 60 15 15 15 15

* If you are a B2 student, then you will take the creative industry package-courses in the second semester. If you are a B3 student, you will take them in the first semester.