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General guide to the Bachelor's degree programme

Our Bachelor's programme will be structured as follows:

Academic   year Majors   (expressed in credits) Minors   (expressed in credits) Total   credits
Bachelor 1 60 0 60
Bachelor 2 60 0 60
Bachelor 3 20 40 60
In total 140 40 180

The minor is a package of related courses that help you expand or deepen your knowledge. The minors deal with current societal themes. Choosing one of these minors will help you focus your study programme, making it easier to set yourself apart on the labour market. For more information, contact your study advisor.

Study Load

Your study load is based on the credits you receive for a course. One EC stands for 28 hours of work. Thus, for a 5 EC course, we expect you to put in 140 hours of study. This includes contact hours (lectures, seminars, etc.), preparation for the exam, the exam itself, preparation for lectures or seminars (reading literature and making assignments), and the writing of papers. When it comes to preparing and processing literature, we expect you to be able to read an average of 7 to 10 pages an hour. The amount varies based on the kind of literature you have to prepare, a textbook takes up less time than a complex scientific book or article. Please take into account that you need around 10 hours for writing a small paper of a 1.000 words based on sources and/or literature! On average, our students are expected to spend 35-40 hours a week on their studies in order to successfully complete our programme.