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Study association

Considering the amount of freedom students enjoy during their study career, every student should be able to enjoy their time to the fullest. As for the department of History at Radboud University, the historical study association, also known as the GSV, tries to offer history students a wide array of fun and educational activities. A good mix of both formal and informal activities are on the GSV agenda, as an association entirely dedicated to the needs of students. In order to achieve said mix, lectures, conferences, symposia and trips to for example Georgia and Armenia are set up and enjoyed by other students. To meet the more relaxing needs, the GSV organises biweekly drinks, parties and sports activities. In addition, the GSV organises activities dedicated to first-years, making these meetings more accessible than others might be. Finally, the GSV assists the History Department in improving the educational programme, selling books to first-years with a noticeable discount, and interviewing staff members, after which these interviews are published in the periodical of the association. Concluding this introduction to the GSV, the board would like to welcome anyone to our association, as the GSV is commits itself to every student of history!

Have questions? Feel free to ask! On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, between 12.15 and 13.30 PM, you can find us in room 12.11 in the Erasmus building. You can reach us by phone via 024 - 3612294, and by e-mail via excalibur@let.ru.nl. See our website for more information.