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General guide to the Bachelor's degree programme

Bachelor's programme: a general outline

Typical of the Bachelor’s programme is the subdivision into a major part (containing a number of internal optional subjects) and a minor part. The major is the core degree programme, and there are two specialisations within this particular programme: (1) English Language and Culture and (2) American Studies. Minors are packages of related subjects, which you can use to expand your knowledge by taking courses from other degree programmes.

The programme is as follows: a first year programme with courses from the major (B1), which concludes with the first year diploma, followed by two years of study (B2 and B3), in which the major is continued and a minor is taken as well. The Bachelor's programme is completed with a Bachelor's degree. You can always transfer to the Master's programme that corresponds to your Bachelor's programme, regardless of the minors you choose. The Master's programme lasts for one year and is completed with a Master's degree. The Bachelor’s degree also allows access to one or more two-year Research Master's programmes. Admission to the Research Master's programmes are subject to a selection procedure.