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Study association

Study association G.A.G. (English language and culture)

G.A.G. Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers is the study association for English Language and Culture studies. The association aims to improve contact between staff and students, ​as well as among students by organising various activities. G.A.G. arranges annual study trips to the United Kingdom and Ireland and provides student try-outs for aspiring students of English Language and Culture. The association offers both formal events such as extra study seminars and thesis support, and informal events like theatre performances and social get-togethers. In addition, G.A.G. facilitates the orientation for first-year students in cooperation with USA Nijmegen.

If you have any questions about G.A.G. or if you want to become a member, please visit www.gagnijmegen.nl or send an e-mail to gag@student.ru.nl.

Studievereniging USA (American Studies)

The American Studies program has had its own study association since 1989, but recently relaunched it under a new name: USA Nijmegen. With a board that changes annually and a permanent group of active members, this association is committed to facilitating contact among American Studies students. It does so by organizing parties, often in collaboration with other study associations at the Faculty of Arts, as well as excursions to places like the American embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thereby striking a balance between formal and informal activities.

Together with the English Language and Culture study association (G.A.G.), USA Nijmegen organizes an orientation week for new students of American Studies, as well as an introduction day where students can meet their lecturers and their fellow classmates. Announcements and updates can be found on the USA Nijmegen website (www.usanijmegen.nl) and questions can be sent to bestuur@usanijmegen.nl. For more information about USA Nijmegen, visit http://www.ru.nl/englishdept/people/study-association/studievereninging/.