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Humanities core curriculum

The Humanities core curriculum is part of the study programme for students who started a Bachelor’s degree programme at the Faculty of Arts between September 2011 and September 2018 and consists of three courses of 5 EC each:

Course 1: philosophical reflection

Course 1 will no longer be taught as part of the core curriculum in 2019-2020, but as part of your degree programme.

Course 2: knowledge and insight in the humanities

There are four courses from which you can choose. These courses are given in the first semester.

Course 3: humanities and society

Humanities and society is comprised of two parts and is taught annually in the second semester of B3. In the first part of the course, “The critical academic” (period 3), you will learn to reflect on the societal relevance of the humanities in general and of your own discipline in particular. The second part of the course, “The academic in the workplace” (period 4), is focused on career orientation.

For courses 2 and 3:
If you are going abroad for a semester, and are unable to take courses 2 and 3 of the Humanties core curriculum, then you can submit a request to the Examination Board to follow a replacement course. However, the content of such a course must fit in with the rest of your degree programme, which is to be assessed by the Examination Board.

For course 3: This course is taught in the second semester of B3 by different lecturers, depending on the programme.

If you know already at an early stage that you will go abroad in your third year, then you can submit a request to the Examination Board to be allowed to take course 3 in your B2.

If you were unable to make such an arrangement before your departure or if you have failed to pass this course in your first try, you will in principle have to do this course in your fourth year. If you are unable to do so or do not wish to wait until the second semester of your fourth academic year, you can, in some cases, select a course from the first semester to replace course 3. Such a request must first be discussed with the study advisor, after which you can request approval from the Examination Board. You are only eligible for such an arrangement if you meet the following criteria:

You must demonstrate that this is the only course you still need to complete in the second semester. If more course modules are still open for the second semester or if so many are still open that it is unlikely that you will be able to complete everything in one semester, you must wait until the course is offered again. You must have very good reasons for not taking or passing course 3 in the second semester of B3 and thoroughly explain this in order for the Examination Board to grant approval.