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The Research Master's programme Linguistics and Communication Sciences is a two-year course of study offered jointly by Radboud University (RU) and Tilburg University (TiU). It focuses on the various ways language is used in real-life situations and relies on research in the domains of cognition, the social context of communication, linguistic and communicative competence, and the technological implementation of theories on language and communication. Much of this research puts a strong emphasis on empirical behavioural data, elicited under natural and empirical conditions.

The programme aims to train students to become skilled empirical linguists with a deep understanding of language and communication. Students take obligatory courses covering the foundations of and the links between these fields, as well the methods used. In addition, they take a number of elective classes that go deeper into aspects of their chosen areas of interest. Specialization areas include Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition, Language and Speech Technology, Language and Society, and Communication. In the course of their studies, students spend increasingly more time on getting acquainted with and participating in on-going research projects of the Centre for Language Studies (CLS, RU) and the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD, TiU), for example in internships where they gain hands-on experience with various aspects of empirical research. During the fourth semester, students write their master's thesis on a topic of their choice in their specialization area.

This Research Master's programme has a strong emphasis on research training, which makes it ideal for those wishing to embark on a career in research. Most graduates go on to do a PhD. Besides research positions at universities, graduates may find employment in research and management positions in businesses, (non-)profit organisations, the educational sector and the government (e.g., the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science), which require extensive research skills but not a PhD degree.

Linguistics and Communication Sciences is a selective programme which accepts excellent students with a strong motivation and a keen interest in empirical research in the fields of linguistics and communication studies.