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The rules regarding minors

For students who started the first year of their Bachelor's programme before September 2018

If you started your Bachelor's programme before September 2018, you will take two minors (worth a total of 30 EC). The rules regarding minors are listed below:

  • You can choose from two minors, each worth 15 EC, or one minor worth 30 EC from the selection in the minor guide.
  • Space is created for minors in the curriculum for each degree programme. See your individual degree programme’s study guide for the curriculum.
  • The choice of minors from the selection is entirely free, with the condition that you must meet any entry requirements at the minor or course level.
  • You may choose one elective minor. An elective minor must be approved by the Examination Board.
  • You can choose up to 15 EC of first-year courses when filling your minor space.
  • A minor taken outside of the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies counts as an elective minor.
  • Multiple minors taken abroad are permitted. These “study abroad minors” do not count as elective minors.
  • The Faculty minor only starts if more than five students register for them. Minor courses for which less than five students have registered will be converted into guided individual study.
  • When registering for a minor, you must register for both the minor and the individual courses within the minor. Registration for minors occurs simultaneously with the registration for courses.

For students who started the first year of their Bachelor's programme in 2018-2019 or later
If you started your Bachelor's programme in September 2018 or later, you will take one minor (worth 40 EC) in your third year.

This minor is a package of related courses that helps you expand or deepen your knowledge. Minors deal with current social themes. Choosing one of these minors will help you focus your programme, making it easier to set yourself apart on the labour market. Click here for more information.

NB: Students following an English language Bachelor’s programme are allowed to fill their entire minor curriculum with elective minors. This means that in such cases, 30 ECTS may consist of English language courses (or non-Dutch language courses), followed at the Faculty of Arts or another faculty of Radboud University. There is a restrictive requirement of a minimum of 15 ECTS of non-Dutch taught courses within the elective minors in place, since there are also many Dutch students who follow English language programmes.