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Master's diploma

You can apply for your diploma online with the student administration once all your results have been registered in Osiris. The Examination Board will evaluate whether you have met all the graduation requirements. Below you will find the link to the application form.

Theses Repository

Radboud University has a Theses Repository where all student theses are stored and made available to third parties. You can indicate on the application form whether you agree to your thesis being available to the public. If you do, please fill in the consent form (docx, 52 kB). We are required to store all theses and make them available to e.g. assessment committees. We use the Theses Repository for this purpose as well. This means that all theses are included in the Theses Repository, but you decide whether everyone can consult your thesis

Application form

You can use this form to apply for graduation with the student administration. You need to add a completed (and scanned) consent form (docx, 52 kB) for your thesis to be included and made available to others in the Radboud Theses Repository. Please note: save these documents first, because you cannot download during the application.

Have your supervisors already sent their assessment forms to the student administration? This is required to process your graduation application. N.B. It is not needed to hand in a paper version of your thesis to the student administration.

Application form master's diploma

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact the student administration to check whether they received your application.

Graduation date

Your graduation date is determined by the date of your last results. Please note: you must submit your graduation application in that same month.

Evaluation of your Master's programme

After you have submitted your graduation application, you will be asked to evaluate your programme. The department would greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this evaluation.

Graduation ceremonies

The dates of the graduation ceremonies and the corresponding application deadlines can be found in the faculty agenda. You can only participate in a graduation ceremony if the Student Information Point receives your graduation application and all your results at least six weeks in advance. The Examinations Office will send you an invitation with all the information about the ceremony no later than seven days in advance. If you have not received the invitation, please contact the student administration. If you do not want to attend the ceremony, you can indicate this on the application form. After notification from the Examinations Office, you can then pick up your diploma from the Student Information Desk at Comeniuslaan 4.