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The Digital Revolution

Department: Philosophy, Politics and Society
Coordinator: Dr. F. Jongepier
Accessible to: PTRS students, Exchange students PTRS. Students from other faculties can mail to stip@ftr.ru.nl. Exchange students from other faculties can mail to internationaloffice@ftr.ru.nl.
Prerequisites: https://www.ru.nl/courseguides/fftr/bachelor-pps/access-pps-courses-modules/
Period: Semester 2, period 3 and 4


More and more often, our lives take place in digital environments. Much of our social life happens on social media as well as texting or dating apps; our medical information is stored electronically; study and work is done on computers and saved in clouds, and we get a lot of our knowledge by googling. This might just be the mere beginning of what can be called ‘a digital revolution’. But how does this development of digitalization affect our understanding of ourselves and others? How does it affect our autonomy, our relation to technology at large, and our rights to privacy, our online identities and the control we have over our own information? In this module, students will learn to apply a rich philosophical tradition of thinking about technology, manipulation and privacy to concrete present day digital threats and challenges.

Period Course Course ID Credits
3 + 4 Mind and Technology FTR-FIPPSB213 5
3 + 4 Digital Manipulation and Autonomy FTR-FIPPSB214 5
3 Privacy and Identity NWI-IBC038 3
4 The Ethics of Privacy FTR-FIPPSB223 2
Module Code: FTR-MI-FI112-19