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Programme second year PPS

Programme outline

Semester Courses Credits
1 Choose one module 15 EC
The Power of Words 5 EC
Second Year Project 10 EC
2 Choose two modules 2 x 15 EC
Optional: free elective courses abroad
Total 60 EC
  1. During the second and third year of PPS, students may replace one or two modules by other elective courses and minors  or an international exchange amounting to either 15 EC (when replacing one module) or 30 EC (when replacing two modules). Such replacements must always be submitted to and approved by the Board of Examiners well in advance.
  2. Students have to register in Osiris for the entire module as well as for the individual courses of the module.


The modules contain three courses. Students can only be admitted if they take all three courses during the same semester (retakes excluded). Students who are NOT enrolled in a bachelor, master, or exchange programme of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious studies cannot register directly for PPS modules. Instead, they can apply for admission by sending an e-mail to stip@ftr.ru.nl. Exchange students from other faculties than PTRS can send an application to internationaloffice@ftr.ru.nl. All applications must contain a separate document in which you (1) inform us about your current studies, (2) explain which module you want to take and why it is relevant to your studies, and (3) describe what you bring to the classroom. The document must be written in English.


Module Module Code Course Course Code EC
Edges of Europe (Cancelled) FTR-MI-AL102-16 15
Futures of Democracy FTR-MI-FI110-20 Forms of Democracy: A Comparative Approach FTR-FIPPSB207 5
Who is the Demos FTR-FIPPSB208 5
Counter-Democracy: Case Studies FTR-FIPPSB209 5
Identity and Exclusion FTR-MI-FI111-19 1492: Mapping Exclusion and its Political-Theological Identity Production FTR-FIPPSB210 5
Gender, Feminism and Postcoloniality FTR-FIPPSB211 5
Race, Colonialism and the Colour Line FTR-FIPPSB212 5
The Digital Revolution FTR-MI-FI112-19 Mind and Technology FTR-FIPPSB213 5
Digital Manipulation and Autonomy FTR-FIPPSB214 5
Privacy and Identity NWI-IBC038 3

Please note that this course builds on the Privacy and Identity course of the Digital Revolution module. Students in this course are therefore expected to be familiar with the materials studied in the Privacy and Identity course.

The Ethics of Privacy FTR-FIPPSB223 2
Religious Contacts and Conflicts FTR-MI-FI113-19 The Silk Road: Religious Cultures, Conflicts and Contacts from Europe to China FTR-FIPPSB216 5
State and Diversity: Politics and the Role of Religion in North Africa and the Middle-East FTR-FIPPSB217 5
Dying for God: Martyrdom, terrorism and Religious Violence FTR-FIPPSB218 5