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Master Philosophy 2019-2020 Courses


> Semester 1

> Semester 2

Semester 1

Course Course ID Prerequisites Credits (EC)
Philosophy and Science 1 FTR-FIME010-A None 10
Environmental Ethics NWI-FFIL209B None 3
Science and Metaphysics NWI-FFIL214 None 3
Evolution and the Mind NWI-FFIL202A None 3
Philosophical research: method and skills 1 FTR-FIRM-MS-01 Special prerequisites 10
Power in Political Theory MAN-MPOL027A None 6

Urban Political Theory

MAN-MPOL047 Prerequisite is a bachelor's degree Political Science or equivalent 6
Contemporary Debates in Political Theory MAN-MPOL028A None 6
Philosophy of International Law JUR-4SYSRF None 7
The Good Life SOW-PWM160 None 4

Semester 2

Course Course ID Prerequisites Credits (EC)
Philosophy and Science 2 FTR-FIME010-B None 10
Bioethics for Lifescientists NWI-FFIL203B None 3
Science & Literature (Philosophy 2) NWI-FFIL205A None 3
Upgrading the Human? Ethical and Philosophical Aspects of Human Enhancement NWI-FFIL215 None 3
The transformative role of physics in the current scientific revolution NWI-FFIL211B None 3
Key Concepts in the Philosophy of Law JUR-4KEYPHILO None 7