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Master Theology and Religious Studies Courses 2019-2020


> Semester 1

> Semester 2

Semester 1

Course Course ID Credits (EC)
Seminar Philosophy of Religion FTR-THMA108 10
Seminar Practical Theology: Pastoral Theology FTR-THMA203 10
Seminar Greek FTR-THMA100 10
Seminar Systematic Theology FTR-THMA205 10
Seminar Comparative Religious Studies FTR-RSMAR100 10
Seminar Spiritual Guidance and Soul Care FTR-THMA110 10
Seminar Empirical Religious Studies FTR-RSMAR101 10

Semester 2

Course Course ID Credits (EC)
Seminar Textual Sources Judaism and Christianity FTR-RSMAR102 10
Seminar Spirituality and Mysticism in the Modern Age FTR-THMA109 10
Seminar Biblical Exegesis FTR-THMA204 10
Seminar History of Church and Theology FTR-THMA206 10