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Transition rules Computing Science first year

  • To further align courses and relationships between them, some programme changes have been implemented in the first year, consisting mainly of a swap between quarters. Below you find an overview of these changes. Students who still need to take a course from their previous year can taken them in the new quarter.

  • The courses NWI-IPC019 Information Modelling (3 ec, Q1) and NWI-IPC024 Databases (3 ec, Q3) have been merged to on 6 ec course in Q1+Q2 (NWI-IPC033 Information Modelling & Databases). Students who only need to take one of the previous courses for 3 ec can discuss the appropriate arrangement for completing this course with the lecturer, dr. Patrick van Bommel. Please contact him before October 1st if this applies to you.

  • The course SOW-BKI125 Introduction AI for Computing Science has been replaced by the course SOW-BKI135 Introduction Artificial Intelligence A. Students who still need to complete this course can take the new course.