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Student guidance and mentoring

Dear Student,

In connection with tightened rules around the Coronavirus, the Student Advisors are only available via email.

Throughout your programme you will have student advisors available. During the first year they will actively make appointments with you to evaluate your progress and well being.

Make sure you contact them as soon as something may impede with your study progress.

The student advisors can give you advice and information concerning:

  • study methods
  • study planning and progress
  • admission requirements and regulations
  • academic career advice

Student advisors are also your first point of contact if you are having problems with your studies or personal problems that affect your studies. If the advisor has time you may be able to see him or her straight away, otherwise you can make an appointment or send an email. You can find your student advisor on this page.


At the start of the first year the mentors of the orientation period will help you get started. The tutors of Molecular Sciences will be available for advise on study skills and later in the year you will be assigned an academic mentor: one of the professors will be available to you throughout the bachelor's programme.