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Structure of the Master Specialisation Cyber Security

The master specialisation Cyber Security consists of the following components:

  • Specialisation basis (30 ec)
  • Specialisation electives (at least 15 ec)
  • Seminar (5 or 6 ec, depending on the course chosen)
  • Research internship (15 ec)
  • Philosophy course (3 ec)
  • Master electives (12 ec)
  • Free electives (10 ec)
  • Master thesis project (30 ec)

The total amount of EC's of this programme should be 120 EC at least.

The above components are further described below. Some additional explanation:

  • Courses with a TRUE-course code and marked TU/e are taught at Eindhoven University of Technology, the remaining courses are taught at Radboud University.
  • Courses taught in Eindhoven are 5 ec. Courses taught in Nijmegen are 6 ec, with the exception of mandatory courses that are part of the specialisation basis: these are also 5 ec.
  • Students who take one or more 5 ec courses from Eindhoven as part of their free electives may end up needing 1 or 2 ec to reach the amount of 120 ec needed to complete their programme. For these students, a small project can be defined in relation to the specialisation or to one of the courses taken. Please contact the specialisation coordinator, dr. Peter Schwabe, if this applies to you.
  • Further details about the course programme, schedule, and particulars regarding courses of the Eindhoven University of Technology can be found on https://www.true-security.nl/curriculum/.

The components listed above are refined as follows:

Specialisation basis (30 ec)

Specialisation electives (at least 15 ec), to be chosen from the following list:

Seminar (5 or 6 ec, depending on the course chosen)

Research internship (15 ec)
See this page for additional information.

Philosophy course (3 ec)

Master electives (at least 12 ec)
to be chosen from courses offered by Radboud University or from the remaining TRUE-security courses, and to be approved by the Examining Board. Overlap with other courses is not allowed.

Free electives (10 ec)

Final thesis (30 ec): MSc-project.
The final thesis is scheduled in the last semester. The MSc project is finished by writing a Master's thesis. Generally speaking, students will do their Master's project under the supervision of a member of staff of their own university. However, students may, after consulting a local supervisor, choose to do a Master's project at another site, or an external project at a company or abroad.