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(Research) internship Data Science

More information regarding the Research Internship can be found in the course description, and on the webpage of the internship.

For your research internship, you may choose to do your research internship at:

  • A company, which can be either an SME, such as Orikami, Media11 or FlexOne, or a multinational, such as ING, Philips, ASML, Capgemini or Booking.com.
  • A governmental institute, such as the Belastingdienst or ESA.
  • Any department at Radboud University or another university with data questions. You can think of astronomy, particle physics, chemometrics, neuroscience, and bioinformatics.
  • One of the iCIS departments, specialising on different aspects of Data Science.

In the "Devices of the Future Lab", students and staff experiment with new devices such as smart glasses (e.g., Google glass), smart watches, brain computer interfaces, quadcopters, and 3D printers. This lab provides ample opportunities for Data Science students to analyze interesting, nontrivial sensor data.