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(Research) internship Software Science

More information regarding the Research Internship can be found in the course description, and on the webpage of the internship.

For your research project Software Science, you may choose to join one of the following 6 research groups within the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences:

  • Prof. Plasmeijer’s group, which works on the functional language Clean and the workflow management system iTasks.
  • Prof. Vaandrager’s group, which works on model checking, model-based testing, automata learning, and concurrency theory.
  • Prof. Hooman’s group, which works on model-based design of real-time and embedded systems.
  • Prof. van Eekelen’s group, which works (amongst others) on resource consumption analysis.
  • Prof. Jacobs’ group, which (amongst others) works on quantum computation.
  • Prof. Geuvers’s group, which works on type theory, proof assistants and coalgebras.

You will participate in the research of the selected group and work on a thorough understanding what this research is about. Depending on your interests, you may choose a project where the main emphasis is on writing software and building systems, a project that focuses on doing a case study (typically to test tools or techniques that have been developed by a research group), or a purely theoretical project. Combinations are of course also possible.

During the past two years we have set up a new “Devices of the Future Lab”, in which students and staff may experiment with new devices such as smart glasses (e.g., Google glass), smart watches, brain computer interfaces, quadcopters and 3D printers. This lab provides a perfect environment for research projects within the Software Science specialisation.