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Structure of the master programme Information Sciences

The one-year master programme Information Sciences has been developed in close collaboration with the Faculty of Management. It contains the following components:

Mandatory courses (18 ec)

One of the following two course packages (18 ec)

  1. Security & Privacy
  2. Aligning Business and IT

Master Thesis (18 ec)

In your master's thesis, you show that you are able to analyse a problem in information science at master level and design a solution for this problem using scientific methods and techniques. It is possible to combine research for the master's project with an internship in a suitable company.

Free Electives (6 ec)

Courses can be chosen from the course catalogue of the Radboud University.

Electives should be approved by the Examining Board, and no overlap with other courses is allowed.

Please note:

[1] The course Security in Organisations has a 6 ec version (course code NWI-I00153) as well as a 5 ec version (course code NWI-IMC053). The latter is intended for students doing the TRU/e Security master programme of Computing Sciences; students doing the Information Sciences master should take the 6 ec course. The courses will be taught jointly but the 6 ec version will have some additional project work for students. If you are taking this course in your master, please make sure to register for the correct course code.