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Master's courses in Mathematics

Below is a list of the Master's courses offered at this university. Do not forget to check MasterMath courses. Note that this list also includes some courses which are taught in the third Bachelor year, but have separate exams at Master's level. In this case you will have to enroll for the Bachelor's course for the correct Brightspace environment, and enroll in the Master's exam. Information on each Radboud University course can be found via the course finder. Unless otherwise specified, the  each RU course in the table below is 6 EC, the Mastermath courses 8 EC.

Master's courses at Radboud University
Semester 1 Semester 2
NWI-WM151 Stochastic Simulations NWI-WM126 Biostatistics
NWI-WM072B Complexity Theory NWI-WM153 Nonlinear Wave Equations
NWI-WM152 Martingales & Large Deviations NWI-WM069B Computer Algebra
NWI-WM117B Algebraic K-Theory NWI-FFIL300C Philosophy of Mathematical Practice (3 EC) (quarter 4 only)
NWI-WM150 Category Theory and Homological Algebras NWI-WM058B Mathematical Foundations of General Relativity
NWI-WM139 Analytic Methods in Number Theory NWI-WM036B Model Theory
NWI-WM154 Numerical Methods for PDE
NWI-NM019B Professional Preparation
NWI-WM147 Master Tutoring Sessions (0 EC)
NWI-WM115C Master Seminar
Master Math courses
Riemann Surfaces
Operator Algebras
Bachelor courses with Master's level Exams
Semester 1 Semester 2
NWI-WM968B Galois Theory (with bachelor course NWI-WB068C) NWI-WM985B Financial Mathematics (with bachelor course NWI-WB085)
NWI-WM037C Intuitionism (with bachelor course NWI-WB070C)