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Interactive Mathematics: Foundations

This 120 EC research specialisation is built up as follows:

A. Major 30 EC
B. Mathematical electives 20 EC
C. Master electives 14 EC
D. Master Thesis Project Mathematics 40 EC
E. Master Seminar 6 EC
F. Professional Preparation 1 EC
G. Philosophy 3 EC
H. Free electives 6 EC

Overall, a maximum of 12 ec of third year bachelor's courses Mathematics is allowed, to be approved by the examination board.

A. Major (30 EC)

For Interactive Mathematics: Foundations the major programme consists of 30 EC chosen from the courses in the table below.

Course title

NWI-WM150 Category Theory and Homological Algebra (6 EC)
NWI-WM144 Calculus of Variations * (6 EC)

Mastermath: Differential Geometry (8 EC)

Mastermath: Lie Groups (8 EC)
Mastermath: Lie Algebras (8 EC)

Mastermath: Algebraic Topology 1 (8 EC)
Mastermath: Partial Differential Equations (8 EC)
Mastermath: Riemann Surfaces (8 EC)
Mastermath: Operator Algebra (8 EC)
NWI-WM068C Noncommutative Geometry * (6 EC)
Mastermath: Algebraic Number Theory (8 EC)
Mastermath: Analytic Number Theory * (8 EC)
NWI-WM139 Analytic Methods in Number Theory (6 EC)

* Course is not taught in 2019-2020.

Course information and schedules for the Mastermath courses may be found on the Mastermath website.

B. Mathematical electives (20 EC)

Mathematical electives are courses of choice within the field of Mathematics on Master's level. The mathematical electives need to be approved by the Examination Board.

C. Master electives (14 EC)

Master's level courses in any field within or outside of Mathematics. You can also consider courses from the societal specialisations. These electives need to be approved by the Examination Board.

D. Master Thesis Project Mathematics (40 EC)

Including a literature study, a thesis (which can be an internship report) and a graduation defense.

E. Master seminar (6 EC)

F. Professional Preparation (1 EC)

G. Philosophy (3 EC)

One of the following courses should be completed:

H. Free electives (6 EC)

Free electives are any courses, not necessarily within the field of Mathematics.