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Review article

Review article (NWI-BM-REVIEWART)

The recommended order is to first write your Review Article (NWI-BM-REVIEWART), preferably in your first Master's year, and after that the Research Proposal (NWI-BM-RESPROP).

Please check the EER for exceptions.

Temporary procedure

The submission/evaluation environment of this course is not yet online (a SPIB/Thesis-submission environment will be up and running soon), so you will not receive any automatic emails after having registered in Osiris and you do not need to fill in an intake-form. As such, some parts in the guide and accompanying documents might still change - and have just been changed. These have been marked yellow.

If you have finished your review article already, you should do the following:

  • Send the first version with the grading form found here to your supervisor in an email;
  • Implement the comments and write the rebuttal;
  • Send the final version and the rebuttal, with the grading form to your supervisor in an email;
  • In order to get your grade, you need to request a testimonial:
  1. Send a mail to studentinfo@science.ru.nl with information about: your student number, your name, specialisiation, course name, course code, name examiner
  2. The student administration will fill in a testimonial and will send this to you so you can check if everything is correct
  3. If it is correct you send the testimonial to the examiner.
  4. Your examiner fills in the testimonial and sends it back to onderwijsadministratie@science.ru.nl 

    (your examiner needs to state in the email that she/he agrees with what has been entered).

Guide for the Review Article

In this folder you will find the writing guide for your review article and a summary of the writing guide. Note that text marked with yellow might still change soon due to updates in the submission environment.

The guide gives an overview of the writing process as well as instructions on how your review should be structured. It is advisable to read at least the entirety of part 1 (the overview), the headings of part 2 (writing phases), the headings of part 3 (review structure) and the entirety of part 4 (supervision).

Guide review article (complete) (pdf, 220 kB)

Guide review article (summary for students) (pdf, 149 kB)

Guide review article (summary for supervisors) (pdf, 128 kB)

Grading Form

Not yet to be used. Please refer to 'Temporary procedure' above for the time being

Final grading of your review article will be done online, with a grading form (rubric) that will be made available to your supervisor once you have uploaded the final version of your text to SPIB/Thesis Submission.

However, it is important that you discuss the grading procedure with your supervisor at some point during the writing process (ideally during the discussion of the outline). To that end, you may use the off-line version provided here.

Grading form example (pdf, 106 kB)

Nijmegen Centre for academic writing

For free support in writing, please check the  website of the Nijmegen Centre for Academic Writing for more information.