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Pre-Master's programmes

Radboud University’s Faculty of Science offers students from Dutch Universities of Applied Science (i.e. HBO students) the opportunity to do a bridging programme to be eligible for enrollment into the Master's Programme of Molecular Life Sciences. This so-called pre-Master's programme has a maximum of 60 EC of courses from the curriculum of the Bachelor's programme in Molecular Life Sciences. If the deficiency is more than 60 EC, a pre-Master's programme is not possible.

The aim of the pre-Master's is to eliminate deficiencies and develop the skills that are needed for this Master's programme. The programme is tailor-made for every individual student, depending on your educational record and chosen specialisation.

For more information regarding the Pre-Master's programme, please contact the student advisor for Molecular Life Sciences: Drs. Gerrie Coppens.

Further contact information:
Drs. G.T.M. Coppens (Gerrie)
room HG 00.537
tel.: +31 (0)24 3653028
e-mail: g.coppens@science.ru.nl