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Admission requirements and regulations for exemptions

Admission to the Master's programme Science is possible until July 2020

In September 2020 the master's programmes in Chemistry, Molecular Life Sciences, and Science will be replaced by a single master's programme Molecular Sciences.

Students who started before August 2020 will have the chance to graduate in the current programmes until August 2023.

Admission requirements for students with a Dutch university Bachelor’s degree

To be admissible to this Master’s programme you need a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a solid background in at least two disciplines within Natural Sciences and Mathematics (30 EC or more each). The Examination Board will consider whether a student meets the requirements for admission to the Master's programme of their choice.

Admission requirements for students with a Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch University College or University of Applied Sciences (HBO)

Admission with a BSc from a University of Applied Sciences is not feasible, since the required pre-master's programme would be too large. If you want to be admitted after a Dutch University College, make sure that you contact the study adviser timely. She can help you choose the right electives in your Bachelor's programme.

Admission requirements for students with a foreign Bachelor’s degree

  1. A completed Bachelor's degree in Science or a related area
    Your degree has to be equivalent to a Dutch research university diploma, with an adequate multidisciplinary foundation in at least two of the following three disciplines, of 30 EC each: Chemistry, Biology or Physics. The Examination Board will determine if an international student has the required knowledge to be admitted.

  2. A proficiency in English
    In order to take part in the programme, you need to have fluency in both written and spoken English. Non-native speakers of English* without a Dutch Bachelor's degree or VWO diploma need one of the following:
    • TOEFL score of ≥575 (paper based) or ≥232 (computer based) or ≥90 (internet based)
    • IELTS score of ≥6.5
    • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), with a mark of C or higher

Regulations concerning exemptions

If you believe that you already master the material of one or more of the courses you may apply for (an) exemption(s) at the Examination Board. Based on your academic record they will then decide whether or not to grant the exemption(s). Whatever the outcome, your degree will have to contain 120 EC of new courses, meaning that you will have to do another course to make up for the exempted EC.