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Brightspace is our university’s digital learning environment. Lecturers use it to distribute course information and learning materials to their students and to inform them about course updates. Students use the platform to discuss course topics, carry out self-assessments and work together on assignments. If lectures are recorded, you will find the recordings in Brightspace as well.

Access to Brightspace is granted when your registration has been completed and when all financial conditions have been met. You have to register for specific courses as well to be able to access their content. Depending on your study programme, you are required to register for courses on a quarter or half-year basis via our student administration system OSIRIS. Be sure to regularly check the registration deadlines within your study programme.

You can log on to Brightspace with your student number (s-number) and password, which are provided by letter at the beginning of your study programme. You use them to log on to all other digital services on campus as well.


For questions and support, you can send an email to brightspace@science.ru.nl.