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Pre-Master Molecular Sciences 2020-2021

For the new Master Molecular Sciences that starts in 2020-2021, there are are two tracks you can follow in the Premaster Molecular Sciences, based on the specializations ‘Chemistry of life’ and ‘Medicinal chemistry’ and the specializations ‘Molecular chemistry’ and ‘Physical chemistry’.

Start premaster before obtaining Bachelor's degree

If you are unable to obtain your Bachelor's degree before the end of this academic year, admission to the Pre-Master’s programme will be slightly different.​ Normally you can only apply for the Pre-Master's if your Bachelor's programme will be finished ultimately August 31. If you cannot meet up to this deadline due to covid-19, please contact the student advisor of the Pre-Master's progamme because there are other ways to start with courses of our Pre-Master's programmes.

Schedule a meeting with the student advisor on: