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Third year courses by specialisation

You may request to the Examination Board to do at most 12 EC of the following Bachelor's courses within the Master's Programme. One of the requirements is that that course is not already done in the Bachelor's programme.

Please note that some of these courses have Master's level exams and should you choose to do that exam, you may include it in your Master's programme without permission.

Information about each course can be found in the course finder.


IMF = Interactive Mathematics: Foundations
IMA = Interactive Mathematics: Applications
MaC = Mathematics and Computation

Third year courses by profile
NWI-WB079C Manifolds (6 EC) X
NWI-WB062B Introduction to Functional Analysis (6 EC) X
NWI-WB068B Galois Theory (6 EC) X X
NWI-WB088 Measure Theory(6 EC) X X X
NWI-WB085 Financial Mathematics (6 EC) X
NWI-WB046B Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (6 EC) X
NWI-WM036C Model Theory (6 EC), not taught in 2019-2020 X
NWI-WB082 Introduction to Mathematical Physics (6 EC) X
NWI-WB083 Category Theory and Homological Algebra (6 EC) X X
NWI-WB064B Applied Stochastics (6 EC), not taught in 2019-2020 X
NWI-WB045B Differential Geometry (6 EC) X X
NWI-WB089 Number Theory (6 EC), not taught in 2019-2020 X X
NWI-WB090 Portfolio Theory (6 EC), not taught in 2019-2020 X
NWI-WB070C Intuitionism X

NWI-WB098 Random Graphs

NWI-WB100 Real Functions X
NWI-WB102 Continuous Matrix Groups X