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Procedure for registration of internships

  1. Enroll for the course in Osiris.
  2. Upon enrollment you will receive an automatic email with a link to the internship planning form in your science account.
    Contact your supervisor as soon as possible and fill out the form, including an internship/thesis plan which describes the subject, criteria and the time frame (1/2 to max. 1 page).
  3. You will be asked to provide details such as the name and email address of your supervisor and the second supervisor, and to upload the above mentioned description of your internship/thesis. You have one month to complete this form.
  4. The internship proposal is checked by an internship coordinator. If it has been approved, you will see this in Osiris, and you can start the internship. If the internship can not be approved, the student advisor will contact you.
  5. Do your internship (for masters internships including a midterm review with your supervisor) and write your report / thesis.
  6. Once you have completed your report / thesis, please upload the final version to http://thesissubmission.science.ru.nl.
  7. Your supervisor will receive the document, as well as links to the online assessment forms and a testimonium for the registration of the grade by email. You will receive a cc of the email including an explanation of the actions that need to taken to finalise the evaluation.