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Programme Approval: Bachelor's

Bachelor's programme approval forms
Programme Cohorts
Biology 2011 - 2019 Download
Chemistry 2013 - 2018 Download
Computing Science 2013 - 2018 Download
Mathematics 2013 - 2018 Download
Molecular Life Sciences 2013 - 2018 Download
Physics and Astronomy 2013 - 2018 Download
Science 2013 or 2014 Download
Science 2015 - 2018 Download
Double Bachelor's programme approval forms
Mathematics and Physics 2013 - 2018 Download
Mathematics and Computing Science 2014 - 2018 Download

The cohort is defined as the year of the date on which you have started with your programme if your stating date is September 1st. Should you have started your programme on another date, you will have to take the year of the closest previous September 1st date. E.g. for students who have started in February 2016 the cohort is 2015.

If your cohort is not covered by the forms provided please consult with your Student Advisor.