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Students from other programmes and/ or universities

From another Radboud programme?

If you are a Radboud-student, then you can directly enroll for all Psychology courses mentioned in this overview (pdf, 414 kB). You can enroll through Osiris and choose either single courses or a coherent package of courses.


From another university?

Are you a student from one of the Dutch research universities? You can take the same courses as Radboud students. However, the procedure for you as an external subsidiary student is slightly different.

From a university of applied science (hbo)?

HBO students who are in their third of fourth year of study, can join the same courses as Radboud students. However, you are welcome to enroll for two electives at max. Please follow this procedure to register as an external subsidiary student. 
Note: HBO students in their first or second year can not enroll.

Master's course

Most master's courses are not open to external students, and in exceptional cases only for master's students. See the admission requirements in the course guide Master's programme Psychology.