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Free Electives in B3

Choosing your free electives presents a great opportunity for in-depth study and the chance to broaden your outlook. If possible, try to put together a cohesive programme of elective courses that suits both your interests and your future plans (by accommodating the Master's programme you hope to take, the field in which you intend to work, etc.). In this way, you will be able to develop your personal profile and distinguish yourself from your fellow students. Discuss your choice of elective courses in your Me & My Career assignments and with your MMC mentor.

You may choose to do any of the following:

More information on the domain electives and free electives can be found in the handout Preparing for your Year 3 Course Selection.

In-depth or broad study within the field of Psychology

You can choose to only take free electives from within your chosen domain which will, for example, help you to prepare for your preferred Master’s specialisation.
You can alternatively choose from a wider selection by taking courses from one or more of the other domains, because you might feel that a ‘broad’ education is important. Or because you are not yet sure of your choice of domain or Master’s specialisation.
Note: B2 specialty courses are precluded from the list of free electives.

Other programmes at Radboud University

Would you like to study psychological issues from a slightly different perspective? Or would you like to learn more about another scientific field? You can do both if you take elective courses from another Radboud University programme. This will help you to develop a multidisciplinary view and learn how to work with scientists in other fields.

  • Use Find a Course [scroll to page bottom of page; disable your pop up blocker] to custom search a course of your liking in all Radboud University prospectuses. Search by course code or key word.
  • Make sure to check ahead of time in which periods the elective courses will be offered and whether you meet the admission requirements for the programme that is offering the course.
  • There may be small discrepancies regarding study periods and registration procedures for programmes – do not forget to take these into account. Good preparation now means that you will avoid disappointments later!
  • As usual, you can register for elective courses in Osiris and you will find your examination results there as well.

Other universities

You can also take courses at another university, either within the field of Psychology or in another field. For example, you may want to do this because you have a specific interest that is not covered by one of Radboud University’s programmes. Or you may be considering doing your Master’s programme at the university in question.
Please note:

  • You can find out about the elective courses offered by other universities by searching their websites.
  • If you have found one or more courses that interest you, check to see whether you meet the admission requirements and whether the elective course fits in with your study plan.
  • Check with the student advisor from the relevant programme to see if you are actually allowed to take part in the course. Ask the student advisor or check the website to find out how the course organises its registration and assessment and how it publishes its examination results.
  • If you are sure that you are eligible to take the course(s), you will need to register yourself at the university where you plan to take the course. If the university requires a statement from our Examining Board, you can request this by sending an email to the secretary of the Examining Board (examiningboard@psych.ru.nl). In your email you should include the name of the university, the programme and the course codes for the elective courses that you wish to take.
  • Pick up your ‘Proof of Payment Tuition Fee’ from the Student Affairs Office (located at Berchmanianum, Houtlaan) so that you will not have to pay any tuition fees when you register at the other university.
  • Once you have passed the elective course: go to the student administration of the host university and request certified proof of your examination results.
  • Hand your certified proof over to our Student Information Point (STIP) so that it can be registered in OSIRIS.