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Deficiency Programme (Psychology at Radboud)

BSc Psychology, domain Brain and Cognition at Radboud to the MSc AI programme

Interested students can follow these courses partially as part of their free electives (16EC) and partially as extra-curricular courses (remaining 14 EC). In addition, two homologation courses are designated as part of the free electives in the Master's programme.

Admission to Cognitive Computing master specialisation (only)

Compulsory courses pre-application (in this suggested order; 30EC in SEM1)
SOW-BKI104 Calculus PER 1 (3EC)
SOW-BKI131 Programming 1 PER 1 (3EC)
SOW-BKI135 Introduction AI-A PER 1 (3EC)
SOW-BKI132 Programming 2 PER 2 (3EC)
SOW-BKI122A Introduction AI-B PER 2 (3EC)
SOW-BKI124 Linear Algebra PER 2 (3EC)
NWI-IPK001 Intro to Formal Reasoning SEM 1 (6EC)
SOW-BKI212A AI: Principles and Techniques SEM 1 (6EC)
Mandatory Homologation courses to be taken in the 2nd semester
SOW-BKI230A Neural Networks SEM 2 (6EC)
SOW-BKI329 AI: Representation and Interaction SEM 2 (6EC)
Suggested domain electives Brain & Cognition
SOW-PSB3BC25E Neurophysiology of Cognition and Behaviour PER 2 (4EC)
SOW-PSB3BC35E Signal Analysis and Matlab PER 3 (4EC)
SOW-PSB3BC45E Consciousness and Perception PER 4 (4EC