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The third year (B3)

B3-programme for students who don’t choose for a study abroad:

The third year (B3)

Code EC 1 2 3 4
1. Intercultural  Communication and Foreign Language

Cross-Cultural Language Use

- German
- English
- French
- Spanish


5 X X

Academic and Professional Language Skills

- German
- English
- French
- Spanish


5 X X
2. Academic and Research skills
Bachelor Thesis CIWB351-IBC 10 X X
3. Minor
Thematic minor: Theme course 5 X
Thematic minor: Academia and Society 5 X
Thematic minor: Think tank (or individual internship) 10 X X
Thematic minor: electives 20


Total 60 17,5 12,5 12,5 17,5

Note: if you started the programme in September 2017 or earlier and did not pass a particular B3 course, please contact the student advisor for transitional provisions.

Alternative B3-programme for students who had planned to do the study abroad minor:

Unfortunately, all exchanges in the first semester have been cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Students who would like to go abroad have the following options:

1. You do a virtual exchange in semester 1

With this option you stay in your home country, but during the first semester you follow online courses at the foreign university (therefore virtual exchange). Whether this is possible for you depends on the foreign university. In the first semester, in addition to the online education of the foreign university (25 EC), you will also follow the online RU-course Study Abroad: Academia and Society (5 EC).

In the second semester you will participate in the Think Tank: Study Abroad (10 EC), write your bachelor thesis (10 EC) and follow another 10 EC major courses.

2. You combine a thematic minor with a stay abroad in semester 2

With this option you choose from one of the thematic minors and follow the fixed components (theme course, Academia and Society course, and the think tank) of that minor in the first semester, as well as 10 EC major courses.

In the second semester, you study abroad. There you take 20 EC of electives and write your bachelor thesis remotely (i.e. with a supervisor from Radboud University).

If you would like to spend an extra year on your bachelor's degree, please contact your student advisor to discuss an individual schedule.