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Programme and Learning Outcomes

Global crises, national and international responses within extensive webbed (digital) structures of exchange and communication have served to further strengthen the international perspective among historians. Historians, like economists, offer broad, long-term perspectives that can contribute to the development of societal scenarios designed to cope with, recover from and emerge perhaps a bit stronger from such crises. Moreover, historians are sophistically trained ‘fact checkers’ who are used to weigh sources and the information they yield, and able to quickly analyse and present complex issues to various audiences. The study programme Historical Studies: Ideology, Mentality and Social Practice within the Research Master in Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies is specifically designed for talented and highly motivated students with international research ambitions.
This study programme allows you to specialise in one of five chronologically and thematically differentiated areas that draw on diverse sources and methods. These areas are ancient history; medieval history; economic, social and demographic history; cultural history; and political history. his study programme also encourages a broad interdisciplinary approach to the humanities.  The programme distinguishes itself through the combination of a disciplinary specialisation within historical studies and an interdisciplinary outlook on the humanities.