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Information for students from other faculties

The Faculty of Arts offers a number of minors. Students from outside the Faculty of Arts of Radboud University can choose courses from different disciplinary and interdisciplinary packages.

  • Disciplinary package: Each Arts programme has its own minor (disciplinary package). This minor includes courses that are open to students from outside that programme. The disciplinary packages also include language courses in French, German and Spanish.
  • Interdisciplinary package: From 2020-2021, the Faculty of Arts offers 11 thematic minors, that focus on a current societal theme, for example Migration and Cultural Contacts, Multilingualism in Europe, European Culture and National Identities or Data and Society. Students from outside the Faculty of Arts can take courses from the interdisciplinary package of one of these minors. Each interdisciplinary package consists of courses from the Faculty of Arts (and sometimes also from other faculties of Radboud University), all of which are closely related to the theme of the minor in question.
    In addition to the interdisciplinary package, these thematic minors all have their own theme course, Academia and Society course and a think tank. In 2020-2021 these courses are only open to students from the Faculty of Arts and PTRS.
    Note May 2021: From 2021-2022 these so-called 'fixed components' of the thematic minors (theme course, Academia and Society and think tank) are open to all students.

You can choose a number of courses from an (inter)disciplinary package yourself in order to achieve the desired number of credits you need for your minor.

Please note:

  • Not all courses are open to students from other faculties. Please check if the courses you want to take are open to students from other faculties.
  • If a course is open to students from other faculties, please also check if you meet the entry requirements of the course.
  • Some interdisciplinary packages also include courses from other faculties that are not open to students from other faculties in general. Whether students from outside the Faculty of Arts also have access to these courses cannot be guaranteed.
  • You will not receive a certificate.