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Disciplinary packages

Within every minor you can choose a disciplinary package. This means you enroll in courses of another degree programme than your own.* All packages contain selected content from the major of the degree programme and is intended for students outside of that programme (any potential entry requirements must still be observed).

The disciplinary packages:

Please note:

  • It is not possible to account for each student’s timetable when scheduling the courses for the disciplinary and interdisciplinary packages. This means you will only be able to take a course if your timetable permits. If you encounter any difficulties planning which minor courses to take, please consult you study advisor.
  • It is not allowed to combine courses from two disciplinary package, unless the courses you want to combine belong to the same discipline, even though they are part of different disciplinary packages (f.e. a course on French history in a disciplinary package History). For this you need the approval of the examination board.
    If you are interested in an interdisciplinary package, please check which package your minor has to offer (n.a. for student of the study abroad minor or the educatieve minor).

* Some degree programmes have electives and/or two tracks. In that case, you can also choose to take extra electives or courses from the other track of your own degree programme (f.e. English Language and Culture - American Studies).