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Examining Board

The Examining Board is charged with overseeing the implementation of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) and is responsible for the organisation and coordination of the exams for each programme.

The Examining Board determines whether students meet the programme requirements as stipulated in the EER. This includes the following responsibilities:

  • approving elective courses;
  • confirming exam results;
  • appointing examiners;
  • determining final results;
  • overseeing the order in which exams are taken;
  • granting resits;
  • overseeing the validity of completed exams;
  • granting exemption for courses;
  • evaluating final projects of different programmes;
  • determining fraud;
  • imposing sanctions in case of fraud;
  • determining guidelines for grading exams that fall within the parameters of the EER.

You can apply for approval, exemption, etc. by filling in the digital forms on this page.

It usually takes a month for the Examining Board to review students’ requests (elective courses, exemptions, etc.).  The Examining Board always tries to handle each request as quickly as possible, but they cannot guarantee that in some cases the process takes up to a month. It is therefore very important to submit requests well in advance.


All communication with the Examining Board is done digitally.

Ask the Examining Board a question.

Do you disagree with a ruling?

If you do not agree with a ruling of the Examining Board please contact the Examining Board’s registrar via examencommissie@phil.ru.nl (Philosophy) or examencommissie-trw@ftr.ru.nl (Theology and Religious Studies).

If this does not settle the issue, you can file an appeal with the Examinations Appeal Board.