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Student Advisors

What does a student advisor do?

The student advisors of the faculty hold weekly office hours and can help you with all your questions regarding your programme. Please do not hesitate to contact the student advisor with questions regarding:

  • general information on educational matters and requirements
  • advice in choosing your study and/or change of study
  • composition of your study programme
  • support for the planning of your study
  • identifying and helping to solve (personal) problems that might affect your study
  • contribution to solving complaints from students
  • advice in the event of a study delay
  • mediation between student and teacher
  • information about job opportunities

If necessary, the student advisor can redirect you to other people or parties (e.g. teachers, international office, student dean, etc.).

Talk to our student advisors

Book an appointment with one of the student advisors below.

After making an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Zoom meeting. Join at the time of the appointment and the student advisor will let you join the meeting as soon as their previous appointment ends.

Are you an Islam studies student?

For Islam studies, please contact Lieke de Jong directly.


The student advisors can be contacted through studentadvisor-ptrs@ftr.ru.nl. Please indicate your studyprogramme in the subject. All student advisors have access to this e-mailadres.


Book an appointment here

Room E 15.21

Willem van der Kuijlen

Philosophy / Theology / Religious Studies

Book an appointment here

Room E 15.18

Martine van Leeuwen


Philosophy / Theology / Religious Studies

Book an appointment here

Room E 15.18

Renée Wagenvoorde

Islam Studies

For appointments please contact w.dejong@ftr.ru.nl or (024) 361 2766.

Lieke de Jong