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Specialisation Biblical Exegesis

Before starting your Master education, you should apply for approval of your Master programme. Download one of the forms and discuss your program with the study advisor. Additional information is available on the form. You may also use this form to apply for approval of a change in your programme.

The Master’s specialisation in Biblical Exegesis has a course load of 60 EC. All the courses are 5 or 10 EC and the Master’s Thesis is 20 EC.

The structure is as follows:

Course Title Course code Study load Period

Seminar in the field of specialisation:

Seminar on Biblical Exegesis1


10 EC

Sem. 2

Mandatory courses within this specialisation:

  • FTR-THMA101
  • FTR-THMA100
  • 5 EC
  • 5 EC
  • Sem. 1
  • Sem. 1

Specialisation tutorial (choose 1):

  • FTR-THMA150-1
  • FTR-THMA150-2
  • 10 EC
  • 10 EC
  • Sem. 1
  • Sem. 2

(Interdisciplinary) elective or internship:

(View options here)

10 EC
Master's Thesis:
Master's Thesis on Biblical Exegesis FTR-THMA250 20 EC Sem. 2 (workshop in sem. 1)
Total 60 EC

1. You are required to have basic knowledge of Hebrew or Greek to be admitted to this course.