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Programme B3

Dear student,

We are working on solutions for hybrid education that will take place online and on campus. Therefore the instructional modes, number of exams, the form of the exams and/or assignments may change. You will be informed through Brightspace in case of changes. The course information in the Course guide provides an indication of what you can expect in the course.

In the case of not being able to attend one or more practical courses/lab days due to corona measures, the course coordinator will decide if the student is obligated to re-take the missed meeting and how this will take place.
The majority of the courses in the third year of the Biology programme will be taught in English. Courses taught in Dutch are indicated with NL.

The table below shows the programme of the third year. The 6 ECTS courses are always scheduled on a Monday-Tuesday or on a Thursday-Friday. On Wednesdays the 3 ECTS courses are offered. For each of these time slots you are expected to choose one course each quarter.

You start with your Bachelor Portfolio at the beginning of your first year. It is finalised in the last quarter of the third year.

* Note that this is a 12 EC course in the first quarter, filling both the Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri time slots.
** Note that this is a 12 EC course running over the entire first semester. A selection procedure applies. For details, check the course description.
2nd Semester, 3rd Quarter
Mon-Tue (6 EC courses)
Wed (3 EC courses)
Thur-Fri (6 EC courses)
2nd Semester, 4th Quarter

Bachelor internship Biology (12 EC) (Ec, ME, PA, Mb, FG, HB, Ne)

Bachelor portfolio
(sign off) (3 EC) (Ec, ME, PA, Mb, FG, HB, Ne)