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Curriculum Molecular Sciences

In 2019-2020 a new curriculum was implemented. This document shows the bachelors programme as it will be taught in 2020-2021.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 period some courses were shifted from their normal quarters and that teaching formats and exams may be different than originally planned.

Elsewhere in this prospectus a list of final exams and transition rules will be listed.

Curriculum Molecular Sciences version July 2020-2021 (xlsx, 51 kB)

Curriculum 2021-2022

Below you can now find the curriculum for next year:

Curriculum Molecular Sciences 2021-2022 (xlsx, 60 kB)

Masters curriculum 2021-2022

Below you can find the courses of the masters programme in Molecular Sciences:

Master curriculum Molecular Sciences 2021 (xlsx, 15 kB)