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(old) Programme of B2

The second year for students who started before 2019 is largely fixed, with some electives in the 4th period. Knowledge of all fields of chemistry is extended and the relevant physical and mathematical background is deepened.

If you still need to pass one of the courses in the programme below, please check the transition rules second year and consult your student advisor.


You should have taken one of two lab courses: MOL048A Organic Chemistry Lab or MOL034 Condensed Matter Lab. This latter course has limited space and priority will be given to students who did not take a lab course yet. The course is scheduled again in the 2nd quarter of 2020-2021. MOL048A is replaced by MOL163 Synthesis Lab 2.

As an alternative to MOL048A Organic Chemistry Lab in Q3, the similar MLS lab course MOL049A Chemical Biology Project in Q4 is also allowed.

In the fourth period (Q4) a choice has to be made between physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.

Q3 and Q4 also offer some elective space. You can use this for instance to take the compulsory courses in Philosophy or in Writing Skills, but you can also use it for any other course you think fits your interests.

In choosing electives you need to take into account that half of the elective space in your programme must be used for priority elective. You can find the list of priority electives here.

Some of the non-chemistry electives may be taught in Dutch. Check the course descriptions for the language of instruction. You can ask the lecturer if he is willing to use English.

Please note: most of the courses below are no longer given. Check the transition rules for replacement courses or final resits.

Writing skills and Philosophy

  • NWI-FCEM02B Writing about Science can be taken in any quarter but the second.
  • NWI-FFIL101 Philosophy is scheduled in the first (Q1) and second (Q2) quarter
    Q1: aimed at physics topics, in Dutch
    Q2: aimed at molecular topics, in English
  • NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy is scheduled in the fourth period (Q4) and treats topics from biology.