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Programme B2 (Cohort 2019, second year)

Dear student,

We are working on solutions for hybrid education that will take place online and on campus. Therefore the instructional modes, number of exams, the form of the exams and/or assignments may change. You will be informed through Brightspace in case of changes. The course information in the Course guide provides an indication of what you can expect in the course.

In the case of not being able to attend one or more practical courses/lab days due to corona measures, the course coordinator will decide if the student is obligated to re-take the missed meeting and how this will take place.
Curriculum 2019 has been updated in order to accommodate a new specialisation set-up. Instead of two specialisations of 24 EC each, of which students take one, there are now three specialisation tracks of 12 EC each, and students take two out of these three.

  • Data Science (12 EC)
  • Cyber Security (12 EC)
  • Software Science (12 EC).

The 24 EC specialisation is distributed over the second and third year, as follows.

  • In the second year, you complete one specialisation track fully, comprising 6 EC in the autumn semester and 6 EC in the spring semester.
  • In addition, you take 6 EC of your second specialisation track in the autumn semester.
  • The remaining 6 EC of your second specialisation is done in the spring semester of your third year.

Below you find a schematic overview of the second year programme for cohort 2019 as implemented in academic year 2020-2021. Courses that are mandatory (42 EC in total) are listed first; after that, track specific courses are listed. Courses that have changed or moved to a different quarter are marked with an * asterisk.

The full curriculum of cohort 2019 (first, second and third year) including specialisation tracks, semester planning and EC per course can be found in this PDF (pdf, 495 kB). For a more detailed view of the relations between courses, you may check the updated "poster overview (pdf, 766 kB)".

N.B. If you started your studies in cohort 2018 or earlier but still need to take some courses of the original second year, please note that some courses have been moved to a different quarter, and some courses have merged. Please check the transition rules describing the overview of changes and their consequences.
If you need help planning your programme, please consult your study advisor.

1st Semester: Mandatory courses ( 18 EC)
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
NWI-IBC019 Operating Systems
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC020 Information Systems
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC027 Algorithms and Data Structures
(6 EC)
NWI-IBC040 Functional Programming
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: Data Science  - 6 EC
NWI-IBI008 Data Mining
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: Cyber Security -  6 EC
NWI-IPC026 Web Security
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC034 Operating Systems Security
(3 EC)
Specialisation track: Software Science  - 6 EC
* NWI-IBC041 New Devices Lab
(6 EC)


2nd Semester: Mandatory courses ( 24 EC)
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
NWI-I00036 IT and Society
(3 EC)
NWI-IBI007 Research Methods
(3 EC)
* NWI-IBC003 Computability
(3 EC)
* NWI-IBC028 Complexity
(3 EC)
* NWI-IBC026 Semantics and Correctness (3 EC) NWI-IBC042 Parallel Computing
(3 EC)
* NWI-IBC048 Networks and Security
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: Data Science (6 EC)
NWI-IBC036 Big Data
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: Cyber Security  (6 EC)
NWI-IBC023 Introduction to Cryptography
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: Software Science (6 EC)
NWI-IBC024 Software Verification
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC025 Semantics and Rewriting 
(3 EC)