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Transition rules Computing Science third year

There are no changes in the third year of curriculum 2018 compared to previous years. If your starting year is 2017 or before and you have some delay relative to the programme of your starting year, please check the prospectus of earlier years and discuss with the study advisor which programme changes apply to you.

Please note: two courses in the third year will be offered for the last time, so please try to complete these courses in 2020-2021 if they are part of your curriculum. They are:

For these courses, the following transition rules are foreseen for 2021-2022 (subject to changes and future developments).

Courses offered for the last time
in 2020-2021
Transition rule as foreseen
in 2021-2020 (subject to changes)

NWI-IBC037 Law for Computer Scientists.
In 2021-2022, the content of this course will be merged with that of NWI-IBC038 Privacy and Identity, in the new course NWI-IBC047 Law, Privacy and Identity.

There will be one final exam opportunity for the original course NWI-IBC037 Law for Computer Scientists.

NWI-IBC039 Organizing Cyber Security.
In view of the redesigned curriculum, this course will no longer be offered as of 2021-2022.

If possible, one final exam opportunity will be offered in 2021-2022. Alternatively, students may select 6 ec of the other specialization courses within the curriculum.