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Transition rules new-to-old courses

Transition rules:
Students who missed an entire course, or for whom a final resit is not an option can use the transition rules:

Instead of following the course

Students follow

NWI-MOL120 Structure of Atoms and Molecules NWI-MOL079 Structure of Atoms and Molecules
NWI-MOL121 Chemical Analysis 1 NWI-MOL001A Chemical Analysis OR NWI-MOL001 Chemical Analysis
NWI-MOL124 Chemical Analysis Lab NWI-MOL001A Chemical Analysis OR NWI-MOL001 Chemical Analysis
NWI-MOL124 Organic Chemistry 1 NWI-MOL080 Molecular Structure AND NWI-MOL007 Reactions and Kinetics
NWI-MOL125 Synthesis Lab 1a (Essentials of Organic Chemistry Lab) NWI-MOL006 Reactions and Kinetics Project
NWI-MOL127 Biochemistry NWI-MOL008A Biochemistry OR NWI-MOL008 Biomolecules AND NWI-MOL013 Biochemical processes
NWI-MOL129 Biochemistry Lab NWI-MOL010 Biochemistry Project
NWI-MOL130 Physics 1 NWI-MOL003A Mechanics 1A OR NWI-MOL003 Mechanica 1B OR NWI-NP001B Mechanica 1B AND NWI-MOL014 Electricity and Magnetism 1A
NWI-MOL131 Mathematics

NWI-MOL004 Mathematics 1 AND NWI-MOL009A Mathematics 2-3. NWI-MOL009A Mathematics 2-3 can be replaced by NWI-MOL009 Mathematics 2 AND NWI-MOL015 Mathematics 3

NWI-MOL135 Physical Chemistry 1 NWI-MOL017 Thermodynamics
NWI-MOL137 Cell Biophysics NWI-MOL021 Cell Biophysics Project
NWI-MOL139 Sustainable Chemistry

NWI-MOL022 Aspects of Molecular Life Sciences

NWI-MOL087 Advanced Synthesis Lab NWI-MOL087A Synthesis Lab (Organic Chemistry), possibly in combination with NWI-MOL087B Synthesis Lab (Inorganic Chemistry)