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General guide to the Bachelor's degree

The Bachelor's programme is comprised of three years of 60 European Credits (EC). Each year is divided into four periods (quarters) of 15 EC of courses.

In 2019 we started a renewed curriculum, which means that in 2020 a largely revised second year is taught. Students who started in 2018 or before can still finish the old programme. Make sure you check the transition rules elsewhere in this course guide.

First year

First-year courses lay the foundation in knowledge and skills for all areas of the Bachelor's programme. The first year, however, also serves as a filter: if you are able to pass all first year courses, you should be able to handle the rest of the programme as well. If you fail to pass at least 39 EC in the first year, you can't continue the programme (See the appropriate section on Binding Study Advice in this prospectus).

Second and third year

In the first semester of the second year you will finish the core curriculum of the Bachelor's programme in Molecular Life Sciences. The second half of your Bachelor is called differentiation phase. Here you choose between two focal areas: a more medical biological approach and a more bio-molecular approach. You assemble your own combination of electives and specialization courses to suit your interests and prepare for a masters specialization. See the the appropriate section of this prospectus for more details on this.

Within the second and third year you also take some general skills courses that are available several times a year:

  • Writing Skills
  • Philosophy

Throughout the whole bachelors programme you follow elements of the course on academic skills. The programme is concluded with a 12 EC research internship.