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Procedure graduating

  1. To graduate for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programme you are obliged to have a study programme of courses that has been approved. Make sure your study programme is approved in a timely manner. We urgently request you to ultimately submit your study programme 3 months before graduation. You can go to 'Request approval for programme' for the forms and more information.
    In case an alteration in your study programme occurs after your request for approval, e-mail this change to fnwi.examcies@science.ru.nl
    N.B.: You will receive the judgment of the Exam Committee within 6 weeks. Note: After your study programme has been approved by the Exam Committee, the Exam Office will make sure that the courses you have passed up until that moment will correctly be displayed in your study progress overview.
  2. It is important that you only request your graduation after all results are processed in Osiris. You can request your exam up until the day of the exam date itself (an overview of all exam dates can be found here). Pay attention: your exam date is always in the future. You can digitally request your exam via 'Graduating, diplomas and certificates' > 'Request graduation'. More information about the speaker who will be asked (only for Master students), you can find here.
    What applies is: no news is good news, which means that when you have not received any notification after the confirmation of your received exam request, you can be sure everything works out well. Within 8 weeks after your exam date you will receive a message that confirms you have successfully graduated. Within approximately 3 weeks before the graduation ceremony you will receive an invitation for this, if you have indicated you would like to join this ceremony.
  3. More information concerning graduation and de-enrollment at the university: https://www.ru.nl/currentstudents/graduation-beyond/graduation-exams-0/graduation-exams/ and https://www.ru.nl/currentstudents/registration/de-enrolment/deregistration/

In case you have any further questions, you can contact the Student Service Desk (HG00.051) (Student Information Point (STIP) as of September 2021):
E-mail: studentinfo@science.ru.nl
Telephone: 024-3652200
Opening hours: Monday till Thursday 10:00-16:00; Friday 10:00-14:00